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I teach classes on subjects such as deep learning, linear algebra, analytic geometry and calculus, and mathematical statistics. Additionally, I am in the process of designing courses focused on computational neuroscience, statistical computing, and mathematical modeling.

Successes of my students is my foremost goal. I employ regular, structured assessments to continually gauge their understanding and development. Don't be startled if you're greeted with a pop quiz on day one—it's all part of the plan. In my classes, the journey you take to arrive at an answer is much more important than the answer itself. Hence, grading prioritizes the problem-solving methodology. Collaborative group projects are a staple in many of my courses, emphasizing the vital skills of teamwork and effective communication that students will need in professional settings.

If you need to reach me, I am generally available in my office from Monday to Friday. You can also expect an email response within approximately 4 hours during regular work hours.


Linear Algebra

Study of linear systems: Gaussian elimination, matrix algebra, determinants, vector spaces, linear independence, bases, orthogonality, linear transformations, matrix representations, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors.


Mathematical Statistics

Introduction to fundamental concepts of Mathematical Statistics: counting methods, probability laws, Bayes' rule, discrete and continuous distributions, moments, and moment-generating functions.


Analytic Geometry and Calculus

Differential and Integral Calculus of Algebraic, Trigonometric, and Transcendental functions of single variables with some related applications.


Deep Learning

Introduction to fundamental concepts of deep learning: creation and practical application of ANNs, neural network learning, training, and various neural network architectures like CNN and RNN.

Hallway Entrance

Teaching Assistant


Mingfang Huang

Master Student at University of West Florida

Mingfang got her B.S. in Medical Information Engineering in 2021 from Hubei University of Chinese Medicine, Wuhan, China. Currently, Mingfang is a master's student in Mathematical Sciences at UWF.


Tony(Hung) Pham

Undergraduate Student at the University of West Florida

Tony is an undergraduate student studying Computer Engineering. He expected to finish his degree in May 2026 and pursue graduate education specializing in machine learning and robotics.


Josh Young

Undergraduate Student at the University of West Florida

Josh is a returning student in his junior year, currently studying electrical engineering.  He expects to finish his degree in the spring of 2025 and plans to pursue a career in quantum computing.


Luis Madrigal Gonzalez

Undergraduate Student at the University of West Florida

Luis is an undergraduate student in his junior year of his B.S. in Mathematics. He expects to graduate in 2025 and seeks to specialize in data science after graduation. 


Lauren O'Brien Hendrix

Undergraduate Student at the University of West Florida

Lauren is a returning student in her junior year studying Computer Science. She is an officer of the Association of Computing Machinery Student Chapter at the University of West Florida and ICPC 2022 contestant. 

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